Dance Mafia Crew aka DMC, is a India, New Delhi B-boying/Breakin’ crew which was created in 2012 with a number of 4 B-Boys. They practiced in the park and got down in the local battles. Due to parents and study pressures, 3 of the members left the crew. This new development didn’t stop B-boy Twistmonk A.K.A Ganesh Tamang. He perfected his skills. In 2014 B-boy Zoe joined the crew. We practiced in the local park along with other bboys so we didn’t get time to work as a crew, but we met with other bboys, who wanted to join DMC. In 2015 B-boy sam and B-boy 3d, B-Boy Show-rez, B-Boy James, B-Boy R-Stack(Rough Stack), B-Boy Zig-Zag joined DMC, who put DMC name in the Breakin’ scene of New Delhi. As we progressed, B-boy sam introduced four more bboys to the crew. We started to get down in National level crew and one on one battles and got lots of Success. In India Breakin’ is not a common art.


Parents don’t believe it’s a form of art and also a form of living. This has forced most of DMC members to work other jobs aside dance. We believe in Breakin’ and DMC as a self sufficient motivated crew. By the end of 2015 we got to know about this Dance practice place in Korean Embassy which was affordable and much more closer to our homes. At this point we knew we where favoured as this will incure us to do more. To become Professional B-boys, We practice almost 6 hours a day and 7 days in a week, so we barely get time to do other fun stuff like hanging out with friends, gaming or major celebrations. Breakin’ is an Element of Hip-Hop, where you need to be physically, psychologically and mentally strong to achieve higher levels.



Our motto – YES TO HIP-HOP, NO TO DRUGS. We chose these words carefully to keep this Dance Art form pure and respectful and this is our exact message to this New Generation. As a crew, we celebrate everything as a family. We practice equality so we don’t have designated post in this crew but we do have responsibilities as a member and respect is evenly distributed.
DMC’s biggest achievement was the W.I.P jam which was Hosted by INTERNATIONAL ST+ART Festival INDIA and Co-hosted by DMC in 28th February 2016. It was a massive opportunity for DMC. After which we started to get Breakin’ shows and became one of the best crew in New Delhi.
Our vision

We want to change lives through dance. We also want to be winners of Bigger Breakin’ events from all over the world and WE WILL…DMC WILL!!!
Our Official Crew Members As Follows

B-Boy Twistmonk A.K.A Ganesh Tamang (Founder, Film Maker)

B-Boy Zoe A.K.A Zoe Naulak

B-Boy Daksh A.K.A Sam Singh (Film Maker)

B-Boy 3D A.K.A Avinash Giri

B-Boy Show-rez A.K.A Shorez Karki (Speaker)

B-Boy James A.K.A Pardeep Rai

B-Boy R-Stack(Rough Stack) A.K.A Kanak Barman

B-Boy Zig-Zag A.K.A Arjun Gurang
Big ups For the DANCEFAME tv For doing this great job with artists.


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