I entered the beautiful space in Festac which Accommodates Golden Tulip Hotels, Shop rite and some other business outfits.

I noticed the tight security at the entrance to one of the hotel building and a little birdie whispered to me that the Lagos state governor was there for another event, i then asked my informant where the Dance Concert ‘Sustained’ was happening. He gave me directions and i made my way to the venue.


I was at first denied entrance as i didn’t have a ticket to show the security personnel at the entrance. I later gained entrance after the person who invited me confirmed that i came on her invitation.

I entered the beautiful, spacious and fully Air Conditioned Hall at about 5pm (The event was supposed to start by 4pm though, but Africa happened). Few people were already seated and waiting for the show to begin.

Quickly i brought out my Pen,my jotter, my bottle of drink and my bottle of table water and i made myself comfortable at a seat on the ‘regular row’ just close to the VIP section.

The Event started at about 6pm, with performances by a dance group and a musician whose details i can not get as at the time of writing this.

Then it was time for the real deal ‘Sustained’!

The Prologue (Intro) was really fantastic as the Kung fu themed production started with various precise choreographies and acrobatics and chinese speaking (pun intended) However this is a review of the event and not a report of the event so let me not drift.

Firstly the event was Organised by DGH dance company under the Direction of Precious Odiriverere, it was sponsored (Powered by) ‘Cuddly kids School’.

It was a breath of fresh air for me as most of the dancers in the production were relatively unknown faces (at least i haven’t seen most of them prior to that day) in the Dance industry and it was refreshing to see new faces interprete each scene to the best of their Abililties.

It was a 29-man cast and crew members of 17 totalling 46 persons involved in the production of ‘Sustained’.

However i had issues with whoever handled the sound as it was not at its best and the stage lighting too was not giving me as an individual the right feel in most of the scenes of the play.

I give it to the team for the costumes they were extremely nice and beautifully suited each scene.

I think the transitions into each scene was quite poor which was partly the fault of the Light personnel and partly the fault of the Stage manager or whoever was in charge of handling scene transitions.

I also think prior to the premiere of the production The synopsis, thesis or artistic intent of the production should have been sent out, so that intended audience coming to see the production will have some idea about what they are coming to see.

The only synopsis i saw online was “Sustained, a dance and martial arts production in the journey of our lives” i feel it should have been more detailed.

Generally it was a very successful Production as the message of Hope and Endurance was clearly passed across plus the Audience were extremely thrilled by the excellently executed Choreographies.

I must give Kudos to the Various choreographers that worked on this project as it was worth the effort, in no particular Order.

1 Promise Enweribe aka bigflow-chief choreographer (hip-hop n Afro)
2. Michael Dosunmu(traditional)
3. Jude chukwu (dub step n sword fight)
4. Daniel Ajala (contemporary)
5.Pmoney (kids ballet)
6. Sylvester young buck (Krump)
7.Buchi (Kungfu instructor)

However it was quite dissapointing that the event did not have any form of support whatever from the dance industry generally.

Meanwhile the director and Script writer of the production is Ms. Precious Odiriverere the Ceo of DGH dance company located at 22 chiben Street, Iba-ojo Lagos.

A lot could be written about this wonderful stage production but let me drop my pen here as i need to finish my coke.
Review written by VALU.


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