Dear Parents, bboys and bgirls,

This summer we extract with incredible breakdance camp extra special this year because the top three bboys (Sambo, Sam and Ray) bring their best kids. This brings the level very high! Furthermore, there are surplus as a number topworkshops by none other than Crazy Monkey, Tawfik, ……… .. Every pro in their appearance and in addition, experienced teachers.

Outside the training and workshops we provide the necessary relaxation but we do not want to reveal much about šŸ˜‰

We stay in a spacious, brand new location equipped with every comfort, situated in a wooded area.
The trainings take place in a beautiful modern sports center within walking distance.

The children are supervised 24 hours by Sambo, Ray, Sam and the other members of Team Shmetta.

The food is provided by a number of parents of which several are in possession of a teaching diploma and professional experience in guiding young people. They will make sure that the kids in getting the necessary nutrition and adjust the power supply to specific needs (allergies, vegetarian, halal, …)

More information regarding daily schedules and take-lists and the like follow.

But if you already have questions you should always ask them via email: or through our facebook event.

** Please do not forget to mail your participation to, you get sent back a registration form and the bank account where you can deposit. **

Your registration will only be confirmed if the ** full sum of ā‚¬ 260 is paid on our account. (Available by mail) **
We can only bring back the money if you cancel a valid certificate.

** DISCOUNT !!!! For quick deciders we give a discount!
Who has filled the information letter sent before June 1 and paid the money, only pay ā‚¬ 240 !!!! Soon his is the message …
After June 1, you pay ā‚¬ 260. **

The release of the kids you can send a letter from the insurance fund in order to recover a certain sum, we deliver it later filled back.

Property Boeretangsedreef 69, 2480 Dessel
Arrival Monday August 22 at 9:00 am
Away: Friday 26 August from 17:00 to 19:00 battle !!!! Would definitely look.

teamshmetta PRO B BOY camp

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