Unrestrained 6.
A yearly dance concert which takes place at David’s Christian Center (DCC), Lagos. All performances was done by RockXtreme and it was absolutely beautiful and mind-blowing. Hosted by RockXtreme dance crew and approved by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. The church created a time out of their tight services and schedule to make this concert a reality which in turn made everyone that was invited realize how much we should embrace dance as an art.
The dance concert was well organized and quite a lot of people attended. The show started with sneak peek of previous editions that people missed. It was refreshing seeing how much energy was put into the show from the very beginning. The dance instructor for Unrestrained 6, Mark Akpaibor did a good job on the rehearsals and meetings that was shown from the previous editions and this time again, he didn’t let anyone down and the instructing hands of Mark Akpaibor and was assisted by Esiri Davids, Enweazu Sylvester, Joshua otum, Deborah aiyegbeni, Gift Oziri and a host of others. It was a beautiful show. The venue (DCC) was great and the tools and instruments used worked perfectly well. The stage was well constructed for the dancers to perform without feeling insecured of falling off the stage. RockXtreme performed a lot of songs ranging from Hip-hop to reggae to ballad and all sorts with different themes and well constructed story lines which everyone could relate with in so many ways.




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